E-Commerce - Virtual Store Fronts selling 24/7/365 is not just another mode for offering your services & products but in fact it is one of the main and most effective channel to sell. It allows your business to reach out to massively more amount of customers that was ever possible and all at a relatively low amount of investment.

NWIMS has highly trained and skilled engineers available for on-site support, should the need arise.

We can offer this service as as part of a support contract or as an ad-hoc service in addition to or in the absence of a support contract.

We specialize in a professional and cost-effective website design service for small business – our design service includes custom website design or re-design and maintenance, Ecommerce websites and are updatable by yourselves.

Designed to keep a watchful eye on key components of your network server configurations, pro-active support from NWIMS addresses these most common issues associated with system downtime.

NWIMS have recently extended our consultancy services by white-labeling our expertise to other technical companies. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Many companies do not have an in-house network administrator. As such, NWIMS offer secure access remote administration services, to solve problems, execute basic user and system administration, whilst managing network updates and fixes.

NWIMS's ticketing system allows support customers to access their support logs, 24/7/365.

Where possible, NWIMS can operate secure remote support connections to your network, offering rapid response times, without travel costs and potential delays in arriving on site. However, by their nature, some problems can only be solved by on-site support.

Server downtime is one of the most costly issues facing most organisations today, with outages causing loss of productivity and business.

Whether you're an enterprise or a SME, NWIMS can provide flexible solutions across a number of hardware and software platforms, to meet the demands of businesses who rely on their IT infrastructure.

Whether on monthly or yearly support contracts, we can function as your IT department (ideal for small businesses) or enhance the functions of your in-house IT department, always endeavouring to provide first time fixes.