Set & Forget Backup Service

Fast sign up process

After a quick chat to determine your backup requirements, our sales team will be able to produce an instant quote tailored to your business. You will be emailed all of the details you need, and we will provide links to download our backup software, if you have not done so already. You can start using the service straight away!

Easy to download & install

Our backup client comes in two versions, for different types of computer systems. We will advise and provide links so you can easily download the right versions. The install process is just a matter of a few clicks.

Setup wizard to get you going

When you start the backup software, it will automatically show some basic options to get you started. On your workstation you can easily select to back up your documents, emails, internet favourites and other files. The wizard will set up a backup schedule for you, and your files will be backed up automatically.

You can always easily return to the settings to add more locations to back up, manage the scheduled backups, and other more advanced settings if you require.

Free installation service

If all of the above seems a bit daunting, our support team is here to help. They can remotely connect to your computer, and run through the set up process with you, just as if they were there at your desk. It takes a matter of a minute or two, and can be done at your convince.

Seed backup service

If your company stores a large amount of data, for example video or audio on a file server, the first backup you run could take a long time due to the limits of your broadband line. To speed things up, we provide a seed backup service. This allows you to make a local backup first, then physically provide us with the backed up, encrypted data. We load this onto our servers, then your backup client will only need to upload any changes made since.