Viruses, spyware, malware, trojans – all words that send cold chills down the spines of computer users everywhere. These nasty little bugs can cause all sorts of problems for people, from minor annoyance, to file loss and identity theft.

If your computer is infected by a virus, Trojan, worm, spyware or malware, NWIMS can help. Our technicians are able to track down those nasty bugs and wipe them from your computer.

All you need to do is contact us and we will sort out a full recovery plan! including the services below :-

Scan your computer using our specialist software. Removing viruses, spyware, malware and PUP's.

Install any Internet Security or Anti-virus software you've purchased.

If your phone, tablet or laptop is lost, stolen or damaged, it’s not just the hardware you stand to lose – it’s usually your most important files, photos and memories. But with NWIMS Secure Cloud Storage, you’re protected. 

Our range of storage options offers maximum protection.  Whichever option you choose, your most important files and photo's will be safely and securely backed up and stored in our Data Centre within the UK.  Note that all your data is encrypted to keep your files safe from prying eyes. 

Using NWIMS Secure Cloud Storage couldn’t be simpler: NWIMS Technicians download the App for Windows or Mac to your pc or laptop, setup your account and your files will be automatically backed up on a regular basis. No stress, no hassle, we manage the rest - straightforward protection for the things that matter most!

Contact us now via phone 01539 234050 or email to get this service.

All too often, when a Computer problem arises, the frustration is made worse by having to spend hours to the Call Centre trying to get the right support.

Either that or you must unplug everything and take it in for repair yourself. Not only does this cause your valuable time to be taken up, but you may be leaving the real issue at home.

Very often, the problem doesn't lie with the computer hardware but rather in the way the Computer has been set-up within the home. 

With our Home PC/Laptop repair services, we carry out most of the work on-site. We can come to troubleshoot a single issue and are also happy to work through a list of PC issues & requirements to work through.

Contact us now via phone 01539 234050 or email to arrange a visit.

  • Do you ever feel your computer or laptop is running too slowly or seem to be getting very hot?
  • Have you noticed that the DVD drive does not respond, or that your Wi-Fi is not connecting quickly ?
  • Have you bought new hardware to be installed on your computer but aren’t sure how to go about it?  Taking a computer apart to install hardware can be complicated, dangerous and void warranties. Did you know that even with your computer unplugged you can short out your system mother board just from static electricity?

We carry out most computer & laptop hardware upgrades at our Offices.  This is due to ordering the correct components and thoroughly testing your upgraded equipment.  We will schedule a free collection & delivery service to and from your home at a convenient time to suit you.

We can arrange out of hours appointments to suit you however this will incur an extra charge.

Our working hours are 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday.

Call us now on 01539 234050 or email us directly.

Fibre broadband is also known as Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC). It passes over a fibre optic cable from the exchange to the street cabinet, and then over your copper phone line. This hybrid approach is not the same as full fibre products such as fibre to the premises (FTTP) or B4RN. 



Free activation

Activate free on 24 month term

Live network monitoring

We monitor your internet from our HQ ensuring maximum availability.

Looking for great value and great service? We have all the latest handsets on tariffs to suit you, PLUS no in-contract price rises - guaranteed!

4G at no extra cost.

With 4G connectivity on the UK’s biggest and fastest mobile network, you can be sure of a great mobile experience. 

Avoid unexpected charges with Budget Control.

We put you in complete control of your monthly bill - you can't spend more than the cost of your price plan it's the perfect replacement for expensive 'Pay-as-you-Go' tariffs.

No price rises during your contract.

Unlike other major suppliers, we guarantee not to increase your monthly cost during your contract.

Reduced bill at the end of your contract.

Unlike other suppliers, we automatically stop charging for your handset when you've paid for it - we never 'forget'. So, at the end of your contract, your bill will drop by up to 80%!

Switch tariffs at any time.

If you find you're on the wrong price plan, you can switch to a different price plan at any time. Even if you haven't finished your contract yet!

Today’s technology can be troublesome – but if you need a little support with your smartphone, our technicians are on hand to help. 

Whatever problems you’re having with your mobile, our Mobile Support technicians will give you the help you need. From setting up your emails to backing up your most important files and photos, our technicians can walk you through the process.

Call us now on 01539 234050 or email us directly. to get your device booked in.