Telephone System IT Support

Our role is to simplify the job of backing up your company data, and part of that role is to solve any problems and answer any questions that arise. To make it as easy as possible to get assistance, our support technicians can use a variety of methods to help:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Website Enquiry
  • Remote Support
  • On site Support
  • Telephone Support

Unlike many on-line services that are impossible to get hold of, we are proud of our telephone support service. Calls are normally answered in less than 60 seconds, and our UK based technicians are usually able to answer your questions there and then.

Email & Web Enquiry

For questions that don't require an immediate response but are still important, you can use our email or website enquiry form. This also allows you to send us things like screen-shots and other information that may help us to solve the issue quickly.

Remote Support

For those times when a solution is not simple and may require some technical help, our technicians have a secure method of connecting to your computer remotely. This means they can access your computer via internet, as though the technician was helping you at your desk. This often speeds things up, and we can also provide help to install or configure the backup software features.

On Site Support

For those occasions when on-site help might be required, for example you wish to roll-out our backup service across a large network, we can help. Our skilled and professional technicians can visit your office anywhere in the UK. We can work with or train your existing IT staff if preferred. These situations are quoted as required, feel free to give us a ring to discuss your requirements.