If your phone, tablet or laptop is lost, stolen or damaged, it’s not just the hardware you stand to lose – it’s usually your most important files, photos and memories. But with NWIMS Secure Cloud Storage, you’re protected. 

Our range of storage options offers maximum protection.  Whichever option you choose, your most important files and photo's will be safely and securely backed up and stored in our Data Centre within the UK.  Note that all your data is encrypted to keep your files safe from prying eyes. 

Using NWIMS Secure Cloud Storage couldn’t be simpler: NWIMS Technicians download the App for Windows or Mac to your pc or laptop, setup your account and your files will be automatically backed up on a regular basis. No stress, no hassle, we manage the rest - straightforward protection for the things that matter most!

Contact us now via phone 01539 234050 or email to get this service.