NWIMS can act as an extension to your own IT department by providing ad-hoc consultancy services to bridge specialist knowledge gaps in your IT solutions.

NWIMS have recently extended our consultancy services by white-labeling our expertise to other technical companies. Please contact us for further information.

Once NWIMS have helped you engineer your networks from a business angle with end results in focus, we can then assist you to implement your IT strategies with procurement installation services.

  Whether you have a set of requirements and need guidance on the right technologies to deliver results, or have an IT team with knowledge of the technologies required and need help in implementing them, our networking consultants will keep you heading in the right direction.

We pride ourselves on our client-focused development processes and project management. Solutions are developed in close consultation with our clients at all stages of the project's evolution.

NWIMS networking and IT consultancy can provide considered technical strategies to help your company get the very best out of your network, whether you are looking to outsource all your IT requirements or compliment your existing in-house networking team.