Hosted Solutions

Presenting a professional image

In many cases, the first contact your customer has with your business will be over the telephone. In some businesses, this may be the only point on contact. 

NWIMS can help you present your business in the most professional manner, regardless of the size or structure of your organisation.

Creating a positive and lasting first impression.

We'd recommend that you use our Messaging while routing. feature to play an introductory message to your callers; this sets up the right expectation and will reassure your customer that they've called the right number.

You may also want to consider using the Music whilst ringing routing feature, depending on how long you think you might want your callers to hold.

Getting the call to the right place

If you have multiple numbers for individual marketing campaigns or perhaps even separate businesses, then making sure you answer the call with the right introduction is paramount.

You can manage multiple phone lines or identities for multiple companies or campaigns, on one or many devices.

With our Line display name feature, you can see the line the call arrived on with any VoIP phone. If you're forwarding your number to a mobile device or landline, then our Whisper feature will do the same thing for you

You may want to forward your number to your mobile, or perhaps even forward your number to multiple places using our Multi route feature. If you're forwarding to a mobile, your caller won't know - and we can even avoid the call being answered by your mobile voicemail using Call delivery assurance