Hosted Solutions

Cost effective

Using one broadband connection to have up to 8 lines is cheaper than having 8 separate lines installed and less hassle. Minimal premise based equipment required.

Plus you'll get price certainty with our Hosted VoIP Call Package.

Keep your numbers

You can now port existing standard landline numbers to the service - subject to compatibility. Allows you to keep your numbers even if you move outside your local exchange area. So moving lines and having to change numbers can be a thing of the past.

Greater control

Easy system administration including moves, additions and changes through a web based portal.

Workforce mobility

Ability to work from different locations wherever you have a Broadband connection (remote working). You can also appear local to your customers, with the ability to select geographical numbers (including out of area) against your lines.

Never miss a call

With over 15 call management features such as call forwarding and caller display. These are all included at no extra charge.