How often does the backup software run?

Most our clients have the backup scheduled to run every evening, that way you always have a current daily backup. The software can also run manually as many times a day as you require, its only one click to safely backup. Lastly you can use a powerful feature of our software called CDP (continuous data protection) it’s constantly running backing up files as they change.

Can I also backup locally using your software?

The server version has the ability to backup locally. Transfer rates are quicker from a local source so we advise that you backup locally and online in most cases.

Is my existing internet sufficient to use Secure Cloud Backup?

Yes, our software performs an incremental backup which means only the daily changes have to be copied across to our servers. Your data is also compressed with our powerful software which again improves backup speeds. On average a daily backup will take just 10 minutes.

Do I need a password and what happens if I forget it?

Every Online Backup account must have a password associated with it. The password is used as the encrypting/decrypting key. If you forget the password your data can NOT be recovered! We do offer a service where we keep your password, please call us for details.

How does Online IT Backup work?

Our specially designed software encrypts and compresses all your files before sending them via your existing internet line to our secure data centres, where your data sits safely on our servers. You can backup any number of workstations and servers automatically, the software does everything for you, it’s fully automated and fully supported.

I’ve received an email stating my quota is about to be reached or has been reached?
Your maximum backup quota size can be easily increased. Just call our team on 01539 234050 where they'll be happy to help.

Which platforms and applications are supported?

Our software works on all the major platforms and applications including, Microsoft, Apple, Novell, Solaris, SQL server, Exchange, Lotus and Oracle.

I also have a home PC that needs protecting, can you help?

Of course please check our pricing structure for home users were more than happy to help.

Where do you store our data?

Once encrypted and sent your data is stored on the highest spec servers available. Both data centres are based in the UK and we guarantee that none of your data is ever sent aboard. Both data centres are guarded 24/7 with human security staff, have diverse power feeds, CCTV and layered perimeters. They also use VESDA & FM200 fire protection systems. Your data couldn't be in a safer place.

Is support available, how do I contact you?

Support is always available to you when you need it. You can contact us via phone, email or the contact form on the website.

Is there a report to tell me the backup has been successful?

After every single backup has completed our server emails you a report which details if the backup has been successful or not and even if it was missed. The report gives you information on the times it took, the data files that were included in that particular backup and much more. The daily email report can be sent to as many email addresses as you wish.

How many backups & restores are included in the low monthly fee?

There is absolutely no limit to how many times you can backup and restore in any given month using the software or web based restore option. There is no extra cost for a seed backup and courier sent restore, please contact our support team for further details.

Is Secure Cloud Backup secure?

Security of your data has always been top priority ever since we started in 2006. Our business and school clients trust Online IT Backup to look after their sensitive data. Our standard level of encryption is 256-bit AES, its currently one of the most secure encryption methods used by the. U.S. Security Services for Top-Secret and Military communications.

Can I backup multiple PCs & Servers with my Secure Cloud Backup account?

Yes, with a single Secure Cloud Backup server account you can backup multiple servers and PC's, remember though they all count towards your quota limit. The workstation licence is per PC/Laptop.

What is Secure Cloud Backup?

Secure Cloud Backup provides a reliable, secure and fully supported way to protect all the files, documents, databases and emails that your business depends on with our easy to use and cost effective service.

How can I restore my data?

You can easily restore a single file or your complete backup through the software installed on your PC or server. Another way to restore your data is by logging onto from any internet connected PC in the world, and select to restore any or all of your files. If you have a major restore that needs urgent attention we offer a next day courier restore service, please contact our sales team for more information.