The Wholesale Program is designed for existing IT Services providers with a proven track record of delivering professional IT services to small and mid-market businesses in the UK.

By including Secure Cloud Backup products in your portfolio, you can access a range of enterprise-class, managed services to boost revenues and increase customer retention rates.

Zero infrastructure investment: fast time to market

The challenges of entering the SaaS market centre on the significant infrastructure investment required to establish an enterprise-class set of services, as well as selecting the right technology platforms that are scalable, flexible and the right ones for your customers. Not only does this take it beyond the means of many IT service providers, it can take many months or even years to establish a credible set of services. For many, it proves impossible to obtain a return-on-investment and the only choice is to remain restricted to providing traditional solutions.

Secure Cloud Backup has already done the hard work. We work with a range of world-class and proven technology vendors and provide access to some of the best infrastructures available. We make all of this available to our Wholesale Partners with zero up-front investment, zero delay and almost instant return-on-investment.

A range of services: one single bill.

Most providers offer a single technology or service. Yet your customers are not all the same and often you find yourself force-fitting the wrong solution to the wrong problem. Secure Cloud Backup's Wholesale Program allows partners to select from a range of services in any proportion, as required by your particular customer. The more you use our services, the higher the margins you receive across all products. Each month a single bill is provided with a breakdown of usage by product set, providing simplicity and clarity.

Wholesale Partnering benefits and rewards

Wholesale Partners are supported with a range of benefits:

  • Access to all Secure Cloud Backup products - providing a better fit to each of your customers' needs
  • Single aggregated bill for all services
  • Named and direct access to second-line support engineers
  • Sales and technical training programs
  • Online portal for reporting and managing systems
  • Option to re-brand or co-brand software
  • Re-branded marketing materials
  • Lead registration and protection
  • Co-funded marketing campaigns

Certified Partner Program

The Certified Partner Program is designed for IT consultants and solutions providers, accounting firms, IFA Networks and other affinity groups who want to provide value-adding services to clients, but without having to invest in delivering, insuring or supporting the solutions directly.

Include Secure Cloud Backup in your portfolio of services and let us help you sell, boost your service levels and increase your profits; all with a minimum amount of effort.

Less effort: more time

By combining enterprise-class technologies with service excellence we provide your customers with trusted solutions that enhance your own reputation. Importantly, they demand the least amount of intervention or resource from you. Secure Cloud Backup will help you sell, deploy and support the services with the sole intention of freeing up your time. You can then spend more time adding value services to your clients, winning new customers or running your business.

Fewer urgent calls: more planning

There is a cost to cheap services. Secure Cloud Backup services are built to work reliably and to scale. This means fewer support calls and faster resolution. Once you include Secure Cloud Backup in your service portfolio for your clients, you can turn a Sunday panic call (to solve an urgent data restore) into a planned visit on Monday (to discuss business continuity plans). In other words, Secure Cloud Backup will take care of the day-to-day issues and give you the information, tools, reports and time to plan what is best for your customer.

Flexible billing and support

We really believe in trying to make things easy and being flexible as at the heart of this. We are happy to bill your customers and pay you a commission removing any liability on you to provide the service or simply bill you for the service so you can include this on your clients existing bill.

The same is true of how we support you. To make things easy will we fit around you; whether you want us to provide your customers with 1st line support, out of hours support or just 2nd/3rd line direct support to you we are happy.

Because our goals are aligned, a trusted relationship will build.

Certified Partner benefits and rewards

Certified Partners benefit from the following free-of-charge:

  • A discount or commission on all services provided
  • Automated direct payments of commissions each month directly into a nominated bank account; no need to chase
  • Expert help and guidance throughout the sales process
  • World class support from expert staff provided to you or directly to your customers
  • Discounted services that partners can use internally - see first-hand how valuable Backup Direct solutions can be
  • Lead registration and protection
  • Co-branded marketing material that allows prospective clients access to marketing and support materials and to register for free trials