There is so much cyber security advice available these days, many people find it hard to know where to start. Some organisations struggle to explain why cyber security is something that all staff should care about. Even larger organisations (with dedicated training resources) find it difficult to explain the technical aspects of cyber security in ways that are relevant to their staff, so that they can help keep their organisations (and themselves) safe from cyber attack.

For these reasons, NWIMS has teamed up with GCHQ and produced a new e-learning training package. Easy-to-use and takes less than 60 minutes to complete. The training introduces why cyber security is important and how attacks happen, and then covers four key areas: Defencing yourself against phishing | Using Strong Passwords | Securing your Devices | Reporting Incidents.

The training is primarily aimed at SMEs, charities and the voluntary sector, but can be applied to any organisation, regardless of size or sector. It's been deliberately designed for a non-technical audience (who may have little or no knowledge of cyber security), with tips that complement any existing policies and procedures.