NSA Quality Security

Defence in Depth
Developed by former NSA cyber warfare operators, our managed detection and response service represents a new layer in the security stack. Combining automated collection tools with expert analysis, our team actively hunts down threats that may have slipped past other layers of protection. On a daily basis, this new approach uncovers hackers abusing trusted applications and built-in Windows features to evade defence’s for months.

Designed to complement your existing security strategy, Huntress analyses the overlooked methods attackers use to persist within your network. Our managed detection and response service allows you to address these gaps, stopping advanced threats and cutting edge malware in their tracks. This defence in depth model reduces time to detection and provides more comprehensive protection for your organization's IT assets.

Hit First
Traditional enterprise security products focus on keeping hackers out. But what happens when someone breaks through? In today's ever changing threat landscape, security experts are encouraging organizations to assume that a compromise has already taken place. That is where Huntress comes in. Developed by ex-NSA hackers, our managed detection and response service augments your existing security stack by proactively seeking out potential footholds and persistence methods.