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EFM | Leased Line Internet

The NWIMS Ethernet network is a natural extension of the NWIMS Broadband Network. It's designed to meet the requirements of businesses who need larger amounts of guaranteed bandwidth for their operations than Broadband or Fiber can provide. We interconnect with British Telecom, Vodafone, TalkTalk Business, SSE, COLT and Virgin to maximise the availability of Ethernet circuits to our customers at a competitive price.

Because of our range of interconnects, NWIMS is able to provide EFM and/or Ethernet circuits at almost any location in the UK. We pride ourselves on providing a highly resilient and reliable service to our customers. All circuits from NWIMS additionally benefit from 24/7 support from our Norwich based Technical support team, as well as a range of QoS (quality of service) options to optimise your voice communications. If you're already using our Voice Platform, or are planning to, an Ethernet circuit from NWIMS is the best possible choice to guarantee the availability and reliability of your voice connections.

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Bonded FFTC Internet

NWIMS Bonding will aggregate the actual speeds of the lines connected to the service minus a small overhead. For example, if you have two Broadband connections, one running at 2Mbps downstream and the other at 4Mbps downstream, the aggregated performance will be up to 5Mbps downstream. NWIMS Bonding aggregates both the upstream and downstream bandwidth. Utilizing normal ASDL broadband connections to larger Fibre connections bonding multiple lines together reaching over 280Mbps depending on how many lines aggretated together and their individual speeds.

NWIMS Bonding cannot create “new bandwidth” – it aggregates the total Broadband connections and delivers what is actually available at that time. Line speeds are not always as advertised or constant throughout the day or week. NWIMS Bonding Software tests the line speeds periodically and adjusts the distribution of packets to optimize the aggregated performance. In addition, packet re-sequencing is automatically activated when connections are detected to be very different speeds and latencies.

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