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Instant File Recovery


Our backup service means that you do not have to go hunting for a tape in the archives, or go through any complicated restore process. It's as simple as selecting what you want to recover, and clicking the mouse.

  • Easy to use file browser and restore interface
  • Revert to old versions of files
  • Restore files to any computer
  • Access your backed up files from the internet
  • Unlimited restoration help
  • Bulk restore service

Easy to use file browser and restore interface

Our Secure Cloud Backup software lets you browse files that are saved on our backup servers easily from your computer. You can organise your files based on where they were saved, or when they were uploaded to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Revert to old versions of files

Some backup systems fail when a file is overwritten or deleted accidentally, as the (incorrect) changes are saved to the backup as well. Secure Cloud Backup not only saves a copy of every file you choose to back up, but it also backs up changes made to files. By default, we retain 7 days of historical data, but if required we can retain up to 10 years of changes. This can be invaluable should a user overwrite or delete a file accidentally, and in some cases data retention is required by law.

Restore files to any computer

Data that is backed up can be restored from any computer, not just the one that made the backup. Should one user's computer suffer a hard drive failure, they can quickly be up and running again by restoring their data to a colleague's or a spare computer.

Access your backed up files from the internet

In the event of you not being able to get to your computer at all, for example if there is a building power cut, or equipment has been stolen, you can work from a home computer or any other computer with an internet connection. By logging into our web based control panel, you can see and download your files, but only as long as you have the encryption key of course.

Unlimited restoration help

Should you have any problem with your data, large or small, our support team is here to help and offer friendly advice. You can call them to discuss any issues you might have restoring your data, or allow them to remotely connect to your computer, and help run through it with you.

Bulk restore service

Should you need to restore a large amount of data in an emergency, for example if a file server is stolen or destroyed, we provide a bulk restore service. We can provide your data on physical media such as a USB hard drive, and courier it to you. We recommend leaving the data encrypted for security whilst in transit, and you decrypting it locally on arrival. However, if you prefer, we can decrypt it for you to save you the trouble.


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