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Bonded Internet

NWIMS Bonding will aggregate the actual speeds of the lines connected to the service minus a small overhead. For example, if you have two Broadband connections, one running at 2Mbps downstream and the other at 4Mbps downstream, the aggregated performance will be up to 5Mbps downstream. NWIMS Bonding aggregates both the upstream and downstream bandwidth. Utilizing normal ASDL broadband connections to larger Fibre connections bonding multiple lines together reaching over 500Mbit/s depending on how many lines aggretated together and their individual speeds, 500Mbit/s would be approximatly 8-10 fibre lines bonded together at the data centre level.

NWIMS Bonding cannot create “new bandwidth” – it aggregates the total Broadband connections and delivers what is actually available at that time. Line speeds are not always as advertised or constant throughout the day or week. NWIMS Bonding Software tests the line speeds periodically and adjusts the distribution of packets to optimize the aggregated performance. In addition, packet re-sequencing is automatically activated when connections are detected to be very different speeds and latencies.


Backup for Mobile Working

Whilst the advent of increased mobile working is benefiting the responsiveness and effectiveness of business operations, one potential downside is the potential to overlook suitable backup procedures.

NWIMS can advise on backup systems that offer the maximum stability with the minimum of system intrusion for these mobile workers and remote offices.

Rebuilding the Business

Following an unforeseen event or disaster, NWIMS can help quickly re-establish critical systems and restore critical data from your backups, in the shortest of timeframes.

Backup Over Broadband

With internet access becoming faster and more affordable, NWIMS's Secure Cloud Backup (backup over broadband) solutions presents a more convenient and often more reliable method of off-site backups than conventional methods.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Cheer up, it might never happen. However, planning your procedures with us to protect against that unforeseen event can ensure your business keeps afloat, even though your offices may be flooded with problems.

Business Without Interruption

Modern business networks can now run almost completely automated administration functions to minimise the need for full time IT support staff.

Should you experience an interruption in business operations from an unforeseen event, such minimum intervention strategies, coupled with business continuity planning should result in the quickest possible return to normal services.

NWIMS's business continuity solutions include consultancy, systems specification, procurement, installation and testing. We offer different levels of recovery time, dependent on the urgency of your requirements.


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